Intern Wanted (MMMMM4M)

See our Craig’s listing here.

**internship requested**

Five males in a tub seeking like-minded individual to assist with stuff. Serious inquisitions only.

Do you like men? Do you like tubs? Have you any skills working with computer and camera?

This is for a live internet talking show.

Willing to be openly mocked while being recorded, all in good fun. We are willing to credential communication degree or acting class internship paperwork.

Internship responsibilities include drink runs, lighting, always agreeing with Eric, camera work, and other internet/social media communication responsibilities.

Some benefits of this internship opportunity include: eating food we give you (if we so desire to share), enjoying camaraderie of older gentlemen, getting in on the ground floor of a blooming media empire, possibility of future paid position.

We are squeaky clean.

Please reach out to us by email, as soon as possible as we are actively seeking applicants.

Learn more at meninatub.com

PS: Positive reinforcement including but not limited to recess pieces

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Maker of web, music and filmy things. Gamer and overall connoisseur of all things poppy in culture. Host of the Tubcast and ring leader of the controlled chaos.

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