TUBCAST – Episode 202

Jeremy’s getting old, Kyle still likes No Man’s Sky, and Eric is headed for the eye of the storm.


CELEBRATE 200 episodes with us! We take your questions and take it easy while Kuipers dances.

TUBCAST – Episode 199

Some conversations are harder to have than others. We start out having fun, but we had to tackle the discussion around video games directly causing gun violence.

TUBCAST – Episode 198

Wolfenstein Young Blood, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Boys, OH MY! Kyle and Eric sit down and chat about all the pop culture they consumed this past week.

TUBCAST – Episode 196

Yo, friends, we’re here with all the things. Dragon Quest Builders 2, Super Mario Maker 2, Apex Legends, Fast & Furious, Area 51, Top Gun Maverick, and Star Trek.


Top Gun MaverickTrailer
Quentin Tarantino says that, actually, “Pulp Fiction in space” is exactly what his Star Trek movie will be
Area 51 Free Beer for AliensOld Town Road

TUBCAST – Episode 195

WE’RE BACK! This week we chatting about Stranger Things 3, Dr. Mario World, Selling bath water and all the other things you’ve come to expect.

Omaha Comic Con 2019

Eric takes another journey through the halls of Omaha Comic Con.

Omaha Comic Con Panel 2019

The Return Of The Incredibly Intimate Offline Live TUBCAST Comic Con Panel In Person Local Live Show Live Remastered Again!

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