2. Knives Out

On this episode I talk about that new Rian Johnson flick Knives Out. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you who did it.

1. Jedi Fallen Order

Welcome to the first official episode of Two Thumbs Up! In this episode, I’m talking about what this podcast will probably look like as it gets rolling and what I think of my first real subject, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Welcome to Two Thumbs Up!

Hey my name is Kyle and I was missing doing a podcast, so I started a new one! On this new show, I talk about different things I’m reading, watching, playing, or just plain want to talk about. Subscribe and let’s see where this thing goes!

Eric Has a New Podcast

As the TUBCAST ends, Eric has started a new podcast and it’s all about his opinions.


Oh the times they are a-changing… But change is good! Eric is here and he has some news to share and he just wants to hang out with you.

Extra Life 2019

In case you missed it watch it now!


8a-10a – Luigi’s Mansion | Jeremy
10a-12p – Little Town Hero | Kuipers
12p-2p – COD Modern Warfare | Eric
2p-4p – After Party | Kyle
4p-6p – Heave Ho
6p-10p – JackBox
10p-2a – Man of Medan
2a-4a – Mario Maker
4a-8a – Mortal kombat 11, Nidhogg II, Rocket league & Fortnite


TUBCUST – Episode 210

The week we discuss things we are completely unqualified to discuss.


Fallout 76 Won’t Die

Crystal Dynamics – “Loot Boxes are a terrible idea” and won’t appear in Marvel’s Avengers

TUBCAST – Episode 209

TV, and movies, and video games, oh my! We don’t veer too far from the usual schtick, but Jeremy and Eric may need to visit a doctor for bad cases of the giggles.

TUBCAST – Episode 208

We get chatty about Joker and PS5.

TUBCAST – Episode 207

Imagine your worst nightmare came true… but then you realize you have the TUBCAST to watch/listen to! There’s a 1 in 400 billion chance that you’d find this show and you did!

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