TUBCAST – Episode 209

TV, and movies, and video games, oh my! We don’t veer too far from the usual schtick, but Jeremy and Eric may need to visit a doctor for bad cases of the giggles.

TUBCAST – Episode 208

We get chatty about Joker and PS5.

TUBCAST – Episode 207

Imagine your worst nightmare came true… but then you realize you have the TUBCAST to watch/listen to! There’s a 1 in 400 billion chance that you’d find this show and you did!

TUBCAST – Episode 206

Borderlands 3 is the focus of this episode and we’re not even sure of how good it is.


TUBCAST – Episode 205

Planes, Brains, and UFOs.

TUBCAST – Episode 204

Video games and TV shows, Eric’s back and… well… buckets.

Apple Event
KGamers owner booked for stealing consoles from competing store

Tubcast – Episode 203

Kyle and Jeremy hold it down as they hang out with special guest Ravi Lulla. Enjoy this great conversation about what meats are acceptable to eat, fowl you should kiss, and the Jeremy mixes up TV show hosts because they have white hair.

TUBCAST – Episode 202

Jeremy’s getting old, Kyle still likes No Man’s Sky, and Eric is headed for the eye of the storm.


Where’s Kyle??? GamesCom, Sony vs Marvel and more.


Disney-Sony Standoff Ends Marvel Studios & Kevin Feige’s Involvement In ‘Spider-Man’
Sony acquires insomniac


CELEBRATE 200 episodes with us! We take your questions and take it easy while Kuipers dances.

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