Tubcast – Episode 37

Selling body parts is a lucrative business, VR has arrived, and Debbie Riddle is cool with public breast feeding as long as you’re not too showy.

Kyle Plays: MLB The Show 16

Kyle gives birth to a legend in MLB The Show 16

Tubcast – Episode 36

Eric pleads with people not to see Batman Vs Superman, Macgyver is coming back and our AI future is racist.

Jeremy (NOOB) Plays: League of Legends

Jeremy fumbles around with the fanatics of League of Legends.

Impersonations with Jeremy

We present to you “Impersonations with Jeremy.”

Whenever Jeremy does impersonations on the show we always have a good laugh because he’s not so great at it.

We thought it would be a good idea to throw a bunch at him and see how he did.

Tubcast – Episode 35

Birds in backpacks, Xbox One Cross-play, Playstation VR and the future is interesting.

Eric Plays: There’s Poop in my Soup

Eric tests his fecal marksmanship, fights demon-pigs at the behest of an unenthused impaled farmer, and showers with his dad!

The Daily Show in Omaha

The Daily Show visited our “little” town to learn about the Tri-Faith Initiative. Do we finally get a punchline for when a pastor, a rabbi and a Muslim cleric walk into a bar?

Tubcast – Episode 34

Spider-Man is in the new Cap movie, We got Facebook-Famous and we want you to show us your butt……. maps.

Kyle Plays: The Division

Kyle and fellow Tubbers Eric and Jeremy shoot their way through virus-torn Manhattan–with hot tips from Jeremy!

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