Tubcast – Episode 33

Flamethrowers, Japanese maids, goose gangs, and by the way, gnomes aren’t real.

No Man’s Sky Gets Official Release Date

At this point nothing can derail the No Man’s Sky hype train. It’s barreling at us at full speed and we can’t wait to get our hands on what looks to be one of the most promising releases of 2016.

The Playstation Blog is reporting that the game will release on June 21st. It was announced earlier to be arriving in June, but now we have a tangible date. Let the preorder frenzy begin!

Also we’ve learned the game will have NPCs that will speak unique languages depending on their planet of origin. Some early reports, from journalists that have played the game, say the flying controls are bit floaty and overall too sensitive, but that doesn’t seem to detract from the fun.

Do you plan on suiting up day one to explore Sean Murray’s universe?

Multiplayer Gaming: The Silent Majority

So I was browsing the PlayStation Store the other night and I came across Call Of Duty: Black Ops III for sale at a decent price. I haven’t played a Call Of Duty installment since Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2—which is, to me, one of the best shooters in the last console generation. Curious to see what the newest installment of the franchise was all about, I purchased the game.

After the game installed onto my console I immediately jumped into the campaign. It was exactly what I expected it to be—over-the-top action and explosions galore with not much focus on narrative. Which is fine; it’s like an interactive action flick. After completing a few missions, I decided to see what the multiplayer component had to offer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the fast-paced, run-and-gun multiplayer was not for me. There also seemed to be something that was consistent with every match I played: no one was working together, and no one was talking at all. I have noticed this a lot lately with competitive shooters. Join a lobby with about 17 other players and … silence, except for that one guy who chooses to use his microphone to blast horrible music for no reason other than to be annoying.

I’m almost certain that the developers and testers that played the multiplayer portion of this game worked as a team during play testing. For me, these matches would be much more exciting and rewarding if more people would turn on their mics and try to communicate with players on their team. During my time with The Division beta I noticed a large number of players utilizing their mics to have a strategic advantage in the competitive side of the game. Maybe I’m in the minority on the subject of wanting more teamwork and cooperation in multiplayer shooters. Or maybe there is a lurking silent majority.

Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees

An Italian company by the name of the Capsula Mundi Project is working on a new kind of tech: organic pods for burials. The idea is that the pod, being made of biodegradable material, will house the body in the fetal position. Then the pod and either a seed or a sapling will be planted together, allowing the tree to absorb the decomposing body as it grows. In this way, the deceased will become effectively part of the tree. The article linked says that this could lead to a “beautiful memory forest full of hope and the promise of new life,” as opposed to “spooky, sad cemetar[ies]”.

In theory, this is a good idea. Speaking as someone who has never died, as I understand it the point of a normal burial is to allow the living to grieve and commemorate the dead. However, as an installment of TruTV’s (formerly CollegeHumor’s) Adam Ruins Everything succinctly puts it, almost every aspect of a by-the-books funeral is pointless. Why spend so much on a fancy casket? The body is not going to be uncomfortable. We no longer live in an era where it was a known phenomenon that people believed dead could recover in the tomb and be unable to escape, eventually starving or suffocating to death. Even if we were, a comfortable coffin was not the solution employed back then; a shotgun was.

Besides, with centuries’ worth of the dead, surely we will run out of land deemed worthy to bury them in after a while, so it just makes sense to let that decomposing body turn into something new, right? And a tree is a suitable marker of where one’s loved one was buried. If there is a need for a specific label, a tombstone would be a welcome addition.

So all that said, it sounds like I would be all on-board for this method of burial, right?

My main concern is that it sounds like yet another attempt to over-complicate the process in order to get more money. Maybe I am being too cynical, but hear me out. This whole idea is not new. There have been natural burials for ages, and all these ideas of embalming, coffin vaults, and steel (and other such materials) coffins are only relatively recent additions.

Even the idea of planting a seed to absorb the nutrients has been done. In one of my favorite movies, Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, this was a big thematic moment. And, yes, it has been done in real life too. Like this. Or this website entirely devoted to the idea.

So all that the Capsula Mundi Project is bringing to the table that is new is the specific kind of pod. There is nothing wrong with progress and developing new technology to do the same thing, but better. But I personally have yet to see how this is superior to an ordinary biodegradable casket, like a willow or bamboo one.

But I can almost guarantee you that this organic pod, like most things on the market labeled organic, will be much more expensive than the alternative. So when it comes down to it, I would much rather be buried in a plain coffin with a seed planted alongside me than in one of these pods. If you feel differently about your own burial or that of your loved ones, I wish you well. Just please do not pick something expensive without good reason to do so.

As for Capsula Mundi, their method is considered illegal in Italy. They are working on getting legislation changed. But for the time being, it is only a dream.

Trevor Plays: Portal Knights

Trevor blasts his way around the new early-access (very Minecraft-y) Portal Knights.

Jeremy Plays: Far Cry Primal

Jeremy braves the dangerous pre-historic world of Far Cry Primal … with animal friends!

Tubcast – Episode 32

Ke$ha, a man named Bacon, all comic book movies want to be rated R and a goat goes to prison.

Trevor Plays: XCOM 2

Trevor maneuvers (poorly) around new turn-based strategy game XCOM 2.

Tubcast – Episode 31

Some jerks selfie a baby dolphin to death, Apple fights “the man” and more criminal activity at Wendy’s.

Intern Wanted (MMMMM4M)

See our Craig’s listing here.

**internship requested**

Five males in a tub seeking like-minded individual to assist with stuff. Serious inquisitions only.

Do you like men? Do you like tubs? Have you any skills working with computer and camera?

This is for a live internet talking show.

Willing to be openly mocked while being recorded, all in good fun. We are willing to credential communication degree or acting class internship paperwork.

Internship responsibilities include drink runs, lighting, always agreeing with Eric, camera work, and other internet/social media communication responsibilities.

Some benefits of this internship opportunity include: eating food we give you (if we so desire to share), enjoying camaraderie of older gentlemen, getting in on the ground floor of a blooming media empire, possibility of future paid position.

We are squeaky clean.

Please reach out to us by email, as soon as possible as we are actively seeking applicants.

Learn more at meninatub.com

PS: Positive reinforcement including but not limited to recess pieces

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