Tubcast – Episode 170

Have any idea how secular a candy cane is? Neither do we. We talk about civility on the internet, socialism, and a big ol poop train.


the LOOP – Episode 58

smash Smash SMASH! We’re playing Ashen, Mutant Year Zero, Smash and we also chat about all the news from the Game Awards. Also gaming is cool now.

Tubcast – Episode 169

Cannnnndy, sharpie tattoos and Oreos. Things get wild this week as we create a tattoo for Jeremy that actually may be one he likes. Kuipers dances to some music. Also, it’s science.


the LOOP – Episode 57

We’re talking Just Cause 4, just cuz we want to. We also got that gaming news your thirsting for.


Tubcast – Episode 168

The water has been drawn yet again and ready for you to take a dip. We talk about Adam Sandler’s musical career, Kyle gives a stunning movie review of Justice League, and there’s lots of poop in public so stay in your house and never go outside.


the LOOP – Episode 56

We’re back! And we’ve been playing a Bunch of games. Let’s list ’em: Pokemon Let’s Go, Battlefield V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76 & Hitman 2. Join us!

Tubcast – Episode 167

How do rich people fight fires? Very privately. We talk Stan Lee, all the movie shows our eye peeps are devouring, as well as that first look at Detective Pikachu.


the LOOP – Episode 55

The Quiet Man gets less quiet. Is it time to buy VR? Hitman is a good game.



Tubcast – Episode 166

A mermaid puts her fin on two legs at a time. We try to get Eric blocked on Twitter, Jeremy might open a Wendy’s and Kuipers is swiping right.


the LOOP – Episode 54

This should come as no surprise, but guess what? There’s a cowboy game and we talk about it. You’d think we’d discuss the open world, the graphics or the storytelling… WRONG! We just love playing dress-up!

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