TUBCAST – Episode 183

We cover a lot of ground this week and things go completely of the rails when Eric makes a bad judgement call and opens the phone line.


RIP Harambe


PewDiePie Loses


GameStop Sinking

Jeff Bezos

TUBCAST – Episode 182

Welcome everyone! Jeremey’s gone, but it’s okay, we’ve got a special guest. We chat about Owen Wilson Airlines, Garfield beach phones and much, much more.

Apple Arcade and Apple TV+

Wow Air ceases operations, leaving passengers stranded

Garfield phones beach mystery finally solved after 35 years

TUB PLAYS – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Eric takes a “STAB” at Sekiro and he dies WAY more than twice. Also it’s freakin’ RAD!

TUBCAST – Episode 181

Here we go again on our own! Well, with you all too. We’re talking about Google Stadia and KFC.


Google Stadia: the latest updates on the cloud gaming platform

Mapping State-by-State Tech Trends: Top US Gaming Platforms


Dear meninatub,

I am a new owner of a nintendo switch and I would like some suggestions for tub-approved indie games on the console. What have been your favorite indie titles for switch?

I miss the loop, but the format of the tubcast has been great and I look forward to listening every week. Keep up the good work!

Also, I may have missed it but I didn’t find a contact/about page on the new website. This might be by design but I wanted to let you know!



Eric – Moonligher, Stardew Valley, War Groove, Ape Out, Celeste, Into the Breach, Steam World Dig 2, Baba is You

Kyle – pool panic, minit, Gris, Cuphead (Coming Soon.)

Kuipers – Donut County, Evoland, Dragon Marked for Death

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

The wait is almost over. Apex Legends announced today that their season one battle pass will launch on March 19. Many of us have been jonesin’ for an excuse to dive back in and contribute to Respawn’s bottom line.

Tomorrow (March 19) we’ll get a chance to throw some cash at a Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins (roughly $9.50) or a Battle Pass bundle (that unlocks the first 25 levels) for 2,800. It appears Apex’s battle pass will operate very similarly to Fortnite’s. One hundred tiers, each tier unlocking new rewards.

Along with the Season One announcement, came confirmation of the game’s worst kept secret. A new new Legend, Octane! Octane has a launchpad ability and can consume health to gain speed. It is still unclear how this character is unlocked. Our guess is that you will unlock him in the same way the other two premiere Legends were, pay an additional 750 Apex Coins.

Don’t forget to thank your Jumpmaster and we’ll see you in King’s Canyon.

TUBCAST – Episode 180

We have been absorbing a lot of media lately and we’re hype to talk about it. Umbrella Academy, Ken Jeong, Captain Marvel,Popcorn, DMC 5, Crashing getting Canceled, Leaving Neverland, Satisfactory, New End Game Trailer, Better Aladdin Trailer and Da Vision Too HYPE!

Russia made a time machine

Xbox Live for All

A $1 Million Dollar Ninja

Gordon Ramsay Has a Plan For That ‘Idiot Sandwich’ Meme He Created

All signs point to a Google game console announcement at GDC


Taco Bell Attack

Australian man blocks arrow with mobile phone

Coming: When It’s Ready

Today PlayStation teased Cyberpunk 2077 with a short behind the scenes video. Brief interviews with the developers and a tiny bit of new game footage.

Tubcast: Episode 178

Kyle is holding it down with Kuipers and friend of the show J-Rod as Eric and Jeremy are MIA. We talk about 90’s game shows, Kuiper’s expansive knowledge of 90’s music, and Ja Rule’s second worst PR situation. The 404 also makes a return and Kyle get’s shut up several times during it.

TUBCAST – Episode 177

We back! Thank you for joining us once again. This week we’re recovering from Valentines Day by getting some alone time with the latest game releases. Also we chat about these headlines:

Galaxy Fold
Reggie Out — Bowser In
Zombie deer disease?

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