Biased Sports Episode 15: It Was The Best Of Times, And The Worst Of Times

Kyle combs through this last year to give you his top 5 Best and Worst of 2015 in this year end episode. So long ’15!

Tubcast – Episode 23

It’s Christmas time and three of the tubbers are out of town so we bring ’em via the interwebs. Warning! There are Star Wars spoilers, but not until the end, we’ll warn you to tune out if you don’t want to listen.

Biased Sports Episode 14: No Home Runs in Football

Kyle talks about his outrageous idea to host a bowl game, the latest in Odell Beckham Jr. career and Chris Bosh being excited for this week.

Tubcast – Episode 22

Kyle ate a BIG burrito, Nathan is moving to Texas and we predict what will happen in the new Star Wars flick.

Tubcast – Episode 21

We’re excited to discuss the American bastardization of the Spanish language. We talk about Rainbow 6 and glitter poop. Oh yeah, we also DON’T talk about The Division Alpha.

Biased Sports Episode 13: Drunks Be Suing

Kyle can’t shake a cold as he brings this late episode to you about the College Football Playoffs, a little about the baseball meetings and the Steve Sarkisian lawsuit.

Tubcast – Episode 20

Video games are in full force. We’re playing and talking about lots of games. We discuss our Turkey experiences and more!

Biased Sports Episode 12: Basketball?

Wait, Kyle’s talking basketball? That’s right! Austrailian basketball, NBA commissioner, Kobe Bryant and a little NFL on the side.

Tubcast – Episode 19

The Squatty Potty helps you poop more naturally, we meet the Robin Hood of porn and oh so much more.

Biased Sports Episode 11: Bet The Farm

Kyle talks about new starting Quarterbacks, dancing Quarterbacks, Ronda Rousey as well as Fan Duel and Draft King’s recent trouble with the state of New York. All those terrible gamblers playing that fantasy game, I tell you what!

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