Biased Sports Episode 12: Basketball?

Wait, Kyle’s talking basketball? That’s right! Austrailian basketball, NBA commissioner, Kobe Bryant and a little NFL on the side.

Tubcast – Episode 19

The Squatty Potty helps you poop more naturally, we meet the Robin Hood of porn and oh so much more.

Biased Sports Episode 11: Bet The Farm

Kyle talks about new starting Quarterbacks, dancing Quarterbacks, Ronda Rousey as well as Fan Duel and Draft King’s recent trouble with the state of New York. All those terrible gamblers playing that fantasy game, I tell you what!

Biased Sports Episode 10: Mutiny

Kyle is all over the place with this one. Minor league hockey walkouts, Fenway Park the home of the Washington Nationals, tailgating pyros, Hockey Hall Of Fame (which may or may not have been called by the wrong name at some point) and Jose Reyes getting arrested.

THE HATEFUL EIGHT (New Full-Length Trailer)

Here’s the latest full-length trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, The Hateful Eight which releases nationwide on Christmas day.

Tubcast – Episode 17

The lady that pet the tiger breaks her silence, we’re excited for Fallout 4 and some dude is raising money for the world’s first scrotum styled tote.

Biased Sports Episode 9: The Curse Of The Bo

Kyle messed up last week. The World Series is over. Fans are rappelling in football stadiums. And the Curse Of The Bo is felt in Husker nation.

Tubcast – Episode 16

Bacon is bad, we learn how ungentlemanly we are and investigate the serial Justin Bieber signer.

Biased Sports Episode 8: Scandalous

Kyle talks about the Louisville Scandal, Game 1 of the World Series and Pete Rose. Oh don’t forget that crunch wrap from Taco Bell!


Photo credit to @iamHectorDiaz Twitter account. The man made some awesome Pete Rose memes.

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