Tubcast – Episode 14

Kanye has opinions, Santa is REAl and if you drink coffee, science has proven that you’re a crazy person.

Biased Sports Episode 6: Bandwagon Jumpin’

Kyle talks about USC firing their coach, JR Smith’s cotton candy game, Chase Utley’s slide and why he’s ok with bandwagon fans.

Tubcast – Episode 13

We talk about Destiny, worshiping ancient Egyptian gods and green poop.

Biased Sports Episode 5: Don’t Spill The Bats!

Kyle is joined this week by the very first guest of the Biased Sports Podcast. Jerrod Ingram who is the radio voice for an Iowa high school’s football games as well as radio color commentary for Iowa Western Community College (basketball, JUCO World Series runs and chimes in on football broadcasts) joins the show to talk about this MLB season, who should win awards, and why you should always watch where you’re going when you step into a minor league manager’s office.

HELP HELP LAVA Episode 1: MGSV Spoiler Cast

Introducing HELP HELP LAVA. HHL is our new gaming focused podcast where we only talk about GAMES! In this first episode we spoil the crap outta Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Enjoy!

Tubcast – Episode 12

The video game season is upon us, so we’re talking about the Taken King, Rainbow Six Siege and the horrible new Tony Hawk game. But don’t worry, we still got that weird news you’re looking for.

Biased Sports Episode 4: Dugout Blues

This week, Kyle replaces everything he was going to talk about because Tuesday was filled with stories that were better than his. Like Larry Brown’s being suspended, Derrick Rose wanting too many partners and getting his eye socket broken and of course news about Deflategate. He also talks about the mess that is the Washington Nationals dugout.

Tubcast – Episode 11

We had a bad dinning experience, robot animals served you pizza in the 90’s and clocks in a pencil box are like totally not practical.

Biased Sports Episode 3: The Manning Episode

Yes Peyton Manning is on the back end of his career. We get that. It doesn’t mean he can’t still be good and win football games. Kyle discusses this as well as more college football, touches on the NHL and the passing of baseball great Yogi Berra.


The much needed update to the Xbox One UI is coming in November, but if you’re a preview member you can get it now.

Everything is getting better and faster. The Xbox One user interface has been notoriously sluggish since the release of the console. It appears they’ve addressed all of the complaints. No more loading spinners and laggy splash screens. This video really demonstrates how much of an improvement this update is.

With its much improved friend and party management and polished look, I’m excited to play a game online with friends and not be impeded by software shortcomings.

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