Tubcast – Episode 10

Antonio Banderas wants capes to be fashionable again, Jeremy treats us like we’re running for president and we make a $5.5 million dollar phone call.

(Sorry, the stream died, so the video had to be cut into two parts.)

Biased Sports Episode 2: The Second One

Kyle talks about the first week in the NFL, and the lack of suspensions handed out for stomping players compared to deflated balls. We also talk about Matt Harvey and the looming innings limit.

Biased Sports Episode 1

This is the first episode of the Biased Sports Podcast, presented by Men In A Tub. Kyle kicks off the show with some of his biases, as well as talking about the MLB playoff hunt, Deflategate and his predictions about the new NFL season.

Tubcast – Episode 9

Warning: We talk about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain… a lot. But don’t worry, no spoilers. Also we chat about Apple’s new roster and you know, some other stuff.

Introducing Biased Sports

Do you like sports? Kyle likes sports and he plans on letting know how much. You have opinions. He does too. That’s why it’s the Biased Sports Podcast. Subscribe and enjoy some new sporty content.

Tubcast – Episode 8

I’m sure you’ve heard of smuggling drugs in the butt, but cow eyeballs? Kyle burnt his hand and Jimmy Kimmel is waring with Youtube gamers and their comments.

Tubcast – Episode 7

This week we get excited about upcoming video games, discuss Japan’s proclivity for poop and oh so much more.

Tubcast – Episode 6

Star Wars set leaks, BEARS, and of course we argue some more about wether or not Chris Pratt would make a good Indiana Jones/Han Solo.

Tubcast – Episode 5

Kyle finds some special chocolate, china is blowing up and we discuss the science behind farts.

Tubcast – Episode 4

  • This week we discuss wrist mullets, destiny and golden tickets to heaven!

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