Tubcast – Episode 17

The lady that pet the tiger breaks her silence, we’re excited for Fallout 4 and some dude is raising money for the world’s first scrotum styled tote.

Biased Sports Episode 9: The Curse Of The Bo

Kyle messed up last week. The World Series is over. Fans are rappelling in football stadiums. And the Curse Of The Bo is felt in Husker nation.

Tubcast – Episode 16

Bacon is bad, we learn how ungentlemanly we are and investigate the serial Justin Bieber signer.

Biased Sports Episode 8: Scandalous

Kyle talks about the Louisville Scandal, Game 1 of the World Series and Pete Rose. Oh don’t forget that crunch wrap from Taco Bell!


Photo credit to @iamHectorDiaz Twitter account. The man made some awesome Pete Rose memes.

Tubcast – Episode 15

Jeremy and Nathan are out and yet we persevere. Star Wars and Back to the Future are the current top priority nerd-outs.

Biased Sports Episode 7: Flip Out

Kyle gets worked up about an ESPN radio host saying that the Royals are not the defending American League Champions. He also talks about The Bat Flip Heard Round The World and the NFL’s campaign against players with parents who died of cancer.

We Made the Mario

Watch as we try to punish each other with our Super Mario Maker creations.

Tubcast – Episode 14

Kanye has opinions, Santa is REAl and if you drink coffee, science has proven that you’re a crazy person.

Biased Sports Episode 6: Bandwagon Jumpin’

Kyle talks about USC firing their coach, JR Smith’s cotton candy game, Chase Utley’s slide and why he’s ok with bandwagon fans.

Tubcast – Episode 13

We talk about Destiny, worshiping ancient Egyptian gods and green poop.

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