Tubcast – Episode 102

Trevor is on a boat with Keith Urban, so the gang is left to their own devices without their moral compass. Also this episode is legally a two hour interview for the new intern, KUIPERS!!!!



Spotify like video game service – gamespot

Is the death of DLC good for gaming – vg247

Xbox gets custom gamer pics – The Verge

My Chemical Comic Show – The Verge

Baby Driver v. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 -AV Club

Rainbow Six coming to theaters? – Screen Rant

Successful hyperloop test – Business Insider

Monkey selfie lawsuits, not great for business -The Guardian

We’re catching up with ya, Assassin’s Creed -Technology Review

Kid Rock teases Senate run – peoples pundit daily

Just wanted some more ATMosphere -KrisTV


404 Club


In-flight groping

Drunk? Helicopter pilot

Butt stuff

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