Tubcast – Episode 103

Trevor is back from his boat ride, we all might be letting this intern thing go to our heads a bit, but when we’re down KUIPERS is our sunshine!


PUBG Streamer Banned – gamespot

Switch Online App Requires Phone Unlocked – Kotaku

Sexy, sexy, sexy new Atari – IGN

Aladdin casting -Variety

New Klingons -Entertainment Weekly

Google glass is still alive – The Verge

Man fresh out of prison skips job interview and takes off shirt in public -Westport News

Conspiracy theory about mars – Space.com

Husband storage in China Mall – BBC

Bad robot -Independent


404 Club


Police caught breaking into van – mutiny teddie

Coffee may excite you

That’s one crappy delivery

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Maker of web, music and filmy things. Gamer and overall connoisseur of all things poppy in culture. Host of the Tubcast and ring leader of the controlled chaos.

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