Tubcast – Episode 105

We had so many internet issues, we had to do this episode offline. Our upload speeds went down the toilet, buy hey, we still have a show for you!

[audio-clammr mp3=”http://meninatub.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/miat-105.mp3″]



Streamers getting annoyed – Polygon

Minecraft united is close – IGN

Comics don’t always last forever – Verge

Shatner’s saving ocean animals again – Uproxx

So that’s what it takes to be considered “American” -Science Daily

Chatbot vaporized -Sky News

AI invents it own language – IGN

And then a giant, mechanical spider appeared on Notre Dame -Catholic News Service Video

Fugitive turns himself in -BBC

NASA is taking applications for a new job for 11 more days -CNBC

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