Tubcast – Episode 110

Things are changing in the Tubcast. We share some changes and our new show called The Loop starting next Wednesday. Nathan is granted full Tubmate status, Kyle and Eric talk Game Of Thrones and Jeremy loves guns.



PUBG in my GTA Online  –Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Mario’s history finally revealed! – Mashable

Indy 5 update – UPROXX

Friedkin filmed an exorcism -Variety

Uh, gee, I dunno about this, Joel. -Vice

Kid found a sword -DailyMail

People of Walmart -VT


404 Club


Tinder date woman gets stuck in window trying to retrieve her poop – huffington post

Grandson digs up grandmas grave – nypost

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A man in a tub, fanboy to a fault and slow video gamer. Reads the news AND posts Tub related things.

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