Tubcast – Episode 112

When Jeremy’s away, Trevor is in play. The chat tries to force us to watch Young Sheldon, we make a healthy new smooth recipe and no one yelled at Kuipers.


Linda Hamilton Set to Return to ‘Terminator’ Franchise -Hollywood Reporter

Man who accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail gun lives — and tells about it – Washington Post

Would YOU eat the POOP of young people to live longer? Study finds older fish boost their lifespan by 41% by consuming microbes in the feces of younger animals -Daily Mail

Fiancee, 29, ‘is hiding in a caravan park and has been disowned by her family after fleeing with £13,000 cash for her man’s Ibiza stag do’ -Dailymail

NC Mom invents a spray she says will attract any Bigfoot within a mile and a half -Charlotte Observer


404 Club

Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update -AL

Security Guard arrested After Police Say He Accidentally Shot Himself, Made Up Story About Shooter -KSTP

Kevin Durant apologizes for fighting with critics on social media using fake accounts – SB Nation

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Maker of web, music and filmy things. Gamer and overall connoisseur of all things poppy in culture. Host of the Tubcast and ring leader of the controlled chaos.

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