Tubcast – Episode 116

The chat kicks this week’s show off by redeeming a double dance session from Kuiper’s including one where Nathan provides the music. We talk about new trailers, embarrass ourselves by mispronouncing way too many names and think about getting Taco Bell body suits.



Star Wars Han Solo movie has a name: Solo – Polygon

Police: Bluffs brawl started after ‘Twerking Olympics’ at bar, ended with ‘small riot’ at Iowa Western dorms – Omaha World Herald

Taco Bell launches limited edition clothing line with Forever 21 -Yahoo! News

Jeremy, the Lonely, Left-Twisting Snail, Dies – But Knows Love Before The End -NPR

Birmingham man moved for ten years due to nagging wife Daily Mail


404 Club


Man peed on flight

Police ‘only investigate burglaries at even-numbered homes’

Spider Fire

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