Tubcast – Episode 121

This week we have the dynamic and impressive debut of Bill Chestnut, a new character to join the Tub’s very slowly growing list of recurring characters we have created since this show’s beginning. What kind of hot dogs are actually good, and where’s the best cheesesteak from? We’re not quite sure either…




The Unverified Yet Believably Silly Reason Why Henry Cavill Couldn’t Shave His ‘Stache For Justice League -Gizmodo

Flat-Earther to take off in homemade rocket in bid to discover truth -Independent

Man gets his dying wish, to be buried with cheesesteaks – WJLA

Couple that loves Olive Garden to name their daughter Olivia Garton -ABC News


404 Club


Scottsdale PD: Burglar who steals items worth over $200K leaves resume behind
man rides horse into store to buy beer

Navy admits to involvement in obscene sky drawings

Man blocks firefighters from scene, says he thought they were joking

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