Tubcast – Episode 125

We wrapped up 2017 and put a pretty bow on in our first Tubcast of 2018 with some loosely listing our top TV, movies and music. We also broached some serious topics and want you to know we love you. Enjoy the start to your new year with the Tub!



George Lucas admits he ‘may have gone too far’ with ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ – Fox News

Here’s What Cloverfield 3 Is About – ScreenRant

YouTube says Logan Paul video violated its policies –CNN


404 Club


After Horseback DUI, Woman Is Declared Unfit to Care for Animal

Cosmic Kitten PJs give away crook

Some Oregonians in Panic Mode After Law Allowing Motorists to Pump Their Own Gas Takes Effect – KTLA

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A man in a tub, fanboy to a fault and slow video gamer. Reads the news AND posts Tub related things.

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