Tubcast – Episode 129

What does football, peacocks and vegan tattoos have in common? They’re all subjects of our conversation on this episode of the Tubcast. Also, Nathan wore a fancy jacket. Give us a yuge applause!




New Report Suggests Solo Trailer At Super Bowl After All – Screen Rant

Coffee may come with a cancer warning in California – CNN

Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24 -BBC

Can Peacocks Be Emotional Support Animals? It’s Complicated. – National Geographic

Mystery Toilet Flusher Turns Out To Be Something Pretty Scary – Huffington Post

Monopoly to encourage dishonesty in new ‘Cheaters’ edition Fox News


404 Club


Man tries to remove insects from his tree with just a plastic shopping bag

“Now I don’t need to tell everyone I’m vegan every five minutes.”

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A man in a tub, fanboy to a fault and slow video gamer. Reads the news AND posts Tub related things.

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