Tubcast – Episode 47


Dead Rising 4 Leak

Who’s Ready for a Whopperito

New Lego Dimensions IPs



Liberty City in GTA V? / E3 Predictions – Wager Tub Bucks?

  • Rumors of Skyrim HD remake
  • Remedy making two AAA games (new IP and one in concept phase)






Maybe Tyson was wrong…

Pacific Rim 2 has new lead

Zelda art leaked ahead of E3

Neighbors getting busy cause of fire being started

Boob milk


E3 Predictions

Kyle – Zelda release date/Cuphead release date/NMS only in montage

Eric – lots of VR/Star Wars/Last Guardian release date/NMS trailer-no demo

Trevor – new Red Dead/Read Dead Redemption HD remake/NMS trailer-no demo

Jeremy – NOTHING!



Pretty sure this needs to be shown on the cast tommorow night…


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