Tubcast – Episode 52

Pokémon GOes to some dark places, Nintendo announces their new console, Caption America is getting a statue in Brooklyn and sushi cultural appropriation.


Pokemon OH NO! – polygon.com


Armed robbers use pokemon go to trap players – The Guardian

Nintendo Stock Up 25% – polygon.com

Pokemon go plus wearable  – Nintendo.com

New Nintendo console revealed – The Verge

New “Super Mario Bros. 3” speedrun record -kotaku.com

Game developer Splash Damage has new ownership – Geek

Valve responds to gambling – IGN

Prey for the gods – Polygon

Ubi admits AC movie is glorified commercial – Gamespot.com

Danny McBride reveals details about Alien – Screen Rant

Simon Pegg responds to George Takei -People.com

Me Tarzan, you gay. -The Guardian

Cap is getting a statue – The Verge

Prison-breaks, not always a bad thing -WFAA.com

Is sushi cultural appropriation? -twitchy.com

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