Tubcast – Episode 55

Suicide Squad fans hope to squash Rotten Tomatoes, Digital Cyber Demons have found their way into church and a guy turns his cat into a drone.


Suicide Squad, bad reviews, petition to close down RT by fans – Independent.co.uk

More Indy -Vanity Fair

Spielberg achieves a 36-year-long dream -theguardian

ABC Star Wars series – IGN

HBO announces end point for Game Of Thrones – Game Informer

Of all the video games that could be movies… – gamespot.com

Cyber Demons – YouTube (We’ll just listen)

Darth VadeR -Vanity Fair

Codes for GTA IV were not part of coup – geek.com

60-year-old Man Marries 6-year-old – nigerianscoop.com

Man arrested after wife makes grilled cheese too cheesy – WPXI

These peanuts will cost more than peanuts – The Verge

FREE PORN! – thestashed.com

Olympic stadium officials lost gate keys – business insider

Hidden testicle blamed for Percy the cat’s nine-month wander – stuff.co.nz

Dog crashes car into Walmart – Fox 5 San Diego

Semi weekly bear story – The Guardian

David Blaine performs new trick for Google execs – dailymail.co

Man jumps from plane sans parachute live on TV – CBS News

Doin’ it live is risky -The Verge

Turn your pet into a drone?  Video – metro.co.uk

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