Tubcast – Episode 58

Tortoise love, glowing cows, and donut meth. Consider this Tubcast your chattel.


Tortoise lovin’ -UPI

Woman on-trial for Ben Hurring some pigs – CTV News

Cows glow -News24

Giant pearl kept under bed for 10 years – the guardian.com

Earth-Like Planet Found – Popular Mechanics

STAR CITIZEN YO – robertsspaceindrustries.com Sytem MapPlanetary ApproachObject ConsistencyLeaving PlanetWrecked ShipGround Vehicles/Fight

Olympic Video Games? – Fox Business

Neo Leak – The Verge Dot Mom

More Death Stranding details emerging – Game Rant

A onesie for gamers – Mashable

Leslie Jones remains in the cross-hairs -Vox

DayLight Savings preserved – LA Times

Man Swallows 40 Knifes – ABC NEWS

Man stuck between walls after jumping to impress girl – nydailynews.com video – cnn

DaddyGate -Some eCards

Old man disguise – nbcnews.com

Cop mistakes donut glaze for meth – nbcmiami.com

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