Tubcast – Episode 60

Jeremy gets frisky with a police officer, we bicker about Apple ditching the headphone jack and discuss if it’s worth being a pro Playstationer.


Bethesda, the class act – Kotaku

Mount and Blade coming to console peasants – Taleworld via Youtube

Tetris film adaptation (from a couple months ago) -The Guardian

Uncharted movie postponed – digitaljournalistsmedia.com

I guess we’re already done with Nic Cage in this series -Vimeo

Mythbusters Build team doing new Netflix show – Nerdist

Warner Brothers reports its own site for piracy -BBC News

Pizza Hut projector – buisnessinsider.com

North Korea bans sarcasm because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically’ – independent

Missing student believed to be kidnapped to teach English -Independent

Alphabet partners with Chipotle to deliver burritos using drones – The Verge

Houston crosswalks make rude gestures – Fox 8

New theory on S. Carolina clowns -The Guardian

Bear no match for karate – The Japan Times

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