Tubcast – Episode 65

Is it time to make the “Switch” to Nintendo? Red Dead Redemption 2 is official, more superhero movies and all the rest of the news you’ve come to expect.


EVE bans gambling – Polygon

More Wonka -Variety

Leo DiCaprio trying to join the Planeteers -Hollywood Reporter

Trump hates SNL opening. Shocking. – politico.com

Dinosaurs may never have roared -Seeker

Man paddles pumpkin for 18 hours -Duluth News Tribune

Cheddar danger – Toronto Sun

Take that which is coming against you and use it to lift you up. -News Channel 10

New tat craze – Independent.co.uk


404 Club

Haircut fail – nj.com

Bum weed tastes good?

Let’s Save Dogs -WYNT



Costume of young Jedi riding a tauntaun wins Halloween –cr4zyl3gzz

Hans olo with a lightsaber

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