Tubcast – Episode 72

Trevor isn’t here so we let someone else fill his seat. Wonder Women is too sexy for the United Nations and be careful of who you let frost your turnovers.


Switch Release Date & Bundles Rumored -PVP Live

Harley Quinn getting another shot – Washington Post

Tomb raider movie details emerge – Gamespot

Wonder woman’s too sexy – CNN

Newest rage in men’s pampering – Independent

Sheriff wonders if he’s required to enforce the law The Acadiana Advocate

Indiana town loses entire police force -IndyStar

TSA makes teddy bear sad -Local 10 News

Orangutan want Dolly Parton CD yahoo news

Friggin’ Russia, man. -news.com.au


404 Club


Omaha 404 

Bank thief uses rehab discharge paper to write note

Family fight, front end loader and a mobile home

Trooper’s unorthodox method of asking women out -KXLY News



Subject: Christmas gift for Kyle

Been meaning to send this for a while! Maybe Eric can scan it better if there’s a particular one or ones you’d like for the shirt you talked about creating before. Also an oldie of Jeremy for fun. I think it’s Jeremy…



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