Tubcast – Episode 73

We discuss Japanese culture with our guest Bryant Bowen. Will video game movies ever be good? And learn why Nathan walked out of Rogue One.


Hot Pockets in Cold Fargo -Coming Soon

Emoji Movie Update -ew

Nintendo stock falls – bad reviews – cnet

UK Monopoly is serious business during holidays – Independent

Lawyers porno racket – Washington Post

Burger King’s gift exchange program -FOX News

McDonald’s being sued over lack of value in value meals – abc27

Pakistan International Airport’s unconventional method of ensuring safe flights – Daily Mail

New wife options available in Japan – The Telegraph

Realistic dummy -WESH


404 Club


Bad parking job 

Guy texts his mom to grab bag full of drugs

Sandwich leads to arrest

Landlord abuses access



Tweet from Crazylegs















Ethan Zelda sent us music!


[audio-clammr mp3=”http://meninatub.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/miat-73.mp3″]

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