Tubcast – Episode 78

Syrup chugging, beard judging, navigating winter and we have a special-special guest.

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This German Switch Ad Gets It -Polygon

I think I’m accidentally part of a PETA boycott -NY Times

Dan Harmon’s to blame – screen rant

Star Wars Episode VIII title revealed – StarWars.com

Trump Kills White House Comment Hotline -Variety

Lube causes panic – Argus Leader

Doomsday Clock at 2:30 min. Till midnightUSA Today

Dark Web Hitman -The Outline

Cancer amputee travels with foot – huffington post UK

Lenin not resurrected -AWD News

Cards Against Humanity are hiring -A.V. Club

Pizza delivery car stolen. Then returned. -CBC


404 Club


Park employee scared of foreigners

man lights himself on fire because Trump

Yolocaust -Euronews

Don’t mess with his nuggets

He’s at it again



I’d like to listen to @meninatub discuss whether or not they think this meme onto something..

https://twitter.com/supergeekmemes/status/823768363348279296 -Zach

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