Tubcast – Episode 82

Nathan answers the call of duty, Eric is sleep deprived and for some reason Jar-Jar Binks is in the news.



Hellboy 3

Han Solo release date – The Verge

Donald Glover is royalty – Pitchfork

Mystery science theater comes in April – Screen Rant

New pop tart flavors – Big Story AP

The only way to get married now -Simple Most



Guy Dies During 24 Hour Stream -Kotaku

Leaked Switch was stolen – Kotaku

Batman’s newest crossover announced -CBR

Jar-Jar’s canonical fate -Esquire

7 Earth-Sized Planets Found -NASA

Disney makes copper pole – Nerdist

Ken Ham steering into the awesome side of Creationsim -Raw Story

You’ve Heard of Lunch breaks, But How About This? -Indy100

The President of Iceland Should Shut His Pineapple Hating Mouth -Iceland Magazine

Balls of steel -RT.com

404 Club

Last week’s poll

Sobriety Sister -KMTV

Dude, where’s my car?

Dog has good shot

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