Tubcast – Episode 83

Gather around to listen to Kyle tell a story, the chat takes the show off the rails and the Nintendo Switch hype is real.


Touching Tribute -Nerdist

Walking Dead shirt pulled for being racist… sorta -TwentyTwoWords

Your Chance to see Get Out -Pitchfork

Youtube TV $35/mo – Engadget

Middle Earth: Shadow of War announced – WB article – daily dot

Switch confirming indies – Polygon

Xbox Game Pass – Microsoft

Twitch going into selling games – The Verge

Ubisoft is building a game in the ‘Avatar’ universe – Polygon

France is in hot water – IGN

Police stop using Punisher logo -Gizmodo

Elon’s going to the moon! – The Verge


404 Club

Last week’s poll

Sorry Kid

This Dog is a Dick

Commissioner blames ‘those damn chicken nuggets’ for drunk driving arrest

The Vikings’ Stadium Murdering Birds

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Maker of web, music and filmy things. Gamer and overall connoisseur of all things poppy in culture. Host of the Tubcast and ring leader of the controlled chaos.

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