Tubcast – Episode 85

The views and opinions expressed on this weeks episode of the Tubcast  are those of Jeremy and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Men in a Tub.


People are dumb -EUROGAMER

Capcom jumping on nostalgia -Nerdest

Young Sheldon -Variety

Breaking Bad: The Movie  -Bro Bible

How Men Cope With Stress -Heat Street

The emoji snake -Science Alert

New state of matter discovered -IFL Science

5 Second Rule Scientifically Proven  -Independent


Girls Council -BBC

I’ve Been Saying This For Years NowCarnegie Mellon University

A new cause for Trevor to crusade for – masslive.com


404 Club

Previous week poll

Calling the Cops on Unwilling Hooker

Man really likes fish sent to us on Twitter by Josh

The Revenant for getting out of parole



Stories from Caitlin


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