Tubcast – Episode 86

Kyle’s having car trouble, we discuss the negative Mass Effect Andromeda reviews, and the chat demands we switch seats, which leads to utter chaos.


MLb the show had some glitches – Sports Illustrated

Destiny 2 – IGN

Wonder Woman causes controversy – Guardian

Woody Harrelson’s Star Wars character revealed – IGN

Trouble for Google Fiber? – Verge

New Monopoly pieces -NPR

Nearly had a giraffe Harambe -WOWT

First the Squatty Potty, now this -Bored Panda

Guilfoyle wants Trump to kill Snoop Dogg -Resistance Report

Mummy Laid An Egg -Some Ecards

Japan offers discount funerals – CNN


404 Club


Flamingo killers (There’s a picture of the dead flamingo, but it’s not overly graphic)

Cheerios tries to save the bees by handing out seeds to plants that are not good for the environment

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