Tubcast – Episode 91

There was a lot of triggering going on, Kyle mowed his lawn, Eric questions Jeremy’s enthusiasm, and all the news you’ve come to expect.


Night Trap re-release on ps4 and xbox1 – IGN

Pro Overwatch player quits after racist rant – BBC

We’re more popular than HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Hulu combined -PC Gamer

Star Wars and Indy films get release dates – StarWars.com

Miley Cyrus – Guardians 2 – Metro

New Jurassic World cast member – Hollywood Reporter

More Unbreakable -Variety

Incredible -NBE News

Undercover Lovers? -Global News

Surely the most awkward robbery -WKBN

Where white rhinos meet -ABC News Go

McDonalds home delivery – telegraph

Peace in our time -Daily Dot


404 Club


Hardcore Dentist – Sent in by Zoofo

Golf Ball Hash Browns

Beer flambe

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