Tubcast – Episode 96

Something old and something new, something offensive and we a talk about video game narratives too…

(Sorry, the first 23 minutes of the video don’t have audio, but you can hear it below. Do your best to sync it up.)

[audio-clammr mp3=”http://meninatub.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/miat-96.mp3″]

First Red Dead and now this! – IGN

Gold PlayStations? – nerdist

Robot priests – cnet

New Mexican TP – metro.us

That’s some expensive cement -FOX 42 KPTM

Too many chicken nuggets -Pink News

Real life catfishing -LA Times

Mr. Met got salty – Vice Sports


404 Club


Blaming others for your mistakes (video contains strong language)

Some men just want to watch a bounce house deflate. -CBS12

Mattress man -WOWT

Robbery goes up in flames – qfox13



Caitlin tweeted this story to us http://www.ketv.com/article/thieves-steal-30-000-condoms-from-vegas-warehouse-1496260441/9957505


Question for the tub: What are your most common misspelled (or autocorrect error) words?


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