Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

The wait is almost over. Apex Legends announced today that their season one battle pass will launch on March 19. Many of us have been jonesin’ for an excuse to dive back in and contribute to Respawn’s bottom line.

Tomorrow (March 19) we’ll get a chance to throw some cash at a Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins (roughly $9.50) or a Battle Pass bundle (that unlocks the first 25 levels) for 2,800. It appears Apex’s battle pass will operate very similarly to Fortnite’s. One hundred tiers, each tier unlocking new rewards.

Along with the Season One announcement, came confirmation of the game’s worst kept secret. A new new Legend, Octane! Octane has a launchpad ability and can consume health to gain speed. It is still unclear how this character is unlocked. Our guess is that you will unlock him in the same way the other two premiere Legends were, pay an additional 750 Apex Coins.

Don’t forget to thank your Jumpmaster and we’ll see you in King’s Canyon.

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