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I hold all the leashes in one hand and start with holding the free hand up, stomping my feet and yelling STOP! He wouldn’t have started anything but woud not back down if this dog was aggressive to him. She combines a thorough understanding of the science of behavior with years of practical, applied experience. Click here to find personal data about Rosemary Mcconnell including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information. My worst problem is when Casey sees a dog before I do and reacts (lunge/bark) before I have the chance to ask for a different behavior. Could you learn 1022 new nouns? Betty Mcconnell in Illinois. She’s an excellent doggo and lives loose in the house with no issues but dangit do I worry. People who don’t give a flip about leash laws or me and my somewhat reactive dog will usually call their dog when it looks like I might strike. If the dog I care for is reactive. Hannah Branigan & Ken Ramirez present Shaping with precision. Share on. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. FAQ. An incoming dog will usually stop its approach when s/he sees the monopod, with only a slight prod needed for the more persistent ones. There are many good resources out there to help you learn to read subtle signs of discomfort. However, he adored any and all people. Donna Hill made a post about this on Facebook on March 12, 2018. I think dog-dog reactivity is a much bigger problem than it was before–so many of our dogs meet other dogs when on leash and being forced by sidewalks to walk directly toward them, and so many people are getting their dogs out more (yay!). That’s part of why I’ve learned that taking away the fear (in us, not our dogs) is crucial for our sake and that of our dogs. — Jack does not appreciate being bounced on by young adult dogs, thank you very much). I use a cane myself, and it seems to set up a perimeter around me so that a loose dog won’t come any closer. 111 records for Roselyn Mcconnell. Their courageous, compelling story will profoundly deepen your understanding of people and animals, fear and shame, love and listening. The plastic Easter egg makes a bigger target – looks like a ball when you throw it – and will split and spill kibble when it hits the ground, and the plastic egg pieces are something else to investigate once the kibble is gone. Unfortunately, the instant they opened the door neighbor’s reactive dog came charging out to confront mine. It’s warm and spring-like here too, which is wonderful news for me: if I don’t mind chilly toes, I can race outside for potty training without stopping for shoes! So we took the same approach with dog-clueless Habi, teaching an emergency U-turn with mega-value treats. Will is so lucky to have landed with Dr. McConnell — as are the thousands of clients and dogs she’s helped throughout her career. This brilliant giant rat has sniffed out 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions and undoubtedly saved scores of lives. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. How can I be sure that my pet’s food is safe? We are working through this at this moment, including me healing from injuries involving an incident and the new neighbor’s reactive dog that was off leash. Of course, this is especially relevant to me right now because I just adopted a new puppy and am having literal panic attacks over my ability to do all the right things for her (the days are passing; things are getting better!). 11.5k Followers, 34 Following, 477 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Patricia McConnell (@patriciamcconnellphd) Yesterday, he was playing off leash with a dog pal off in a park, spied another dog at some distance and ran off to meet it. I don’t think the idea was widely shared enough for many people to know what it meant though, and it’s not much help with off leash, out of control loose dogs. A vicious circle if you will. Maybe I’m mistaken but I don’t remember anyone saying they would spray/shock/hit a friendly dog. Background Checks Our communities have a great need for educated people to speak out about this issue in a sensible way. The noise from the freeway complicates matters, making it difficult to hear those coming up behind you. City police don’t patrol the path, so it’s pretty much an “anything goes” area. I still remember the time my partner bought himself a heart rate monitor to wear while jogging — it would beep when his heart rate reached a certain point, telling him to adjust his pace. Though chock-full of stories about Will, Dr. McConnell’s troubled border collie puppy, and sprinkled with tales of other traumatized and terrified dogs she has helped over the years, The Education of Will is primarily Dr. McConnell’s story. I personally feel that in that situation it’s my job to protect MY dog, not the other person’s. Mine is left over from my life with horses and it is great for dogs. Do dogs get hiccups? 1) When we are in the house and my dog starts squealing and racing between windows when he sees a dog outside, we play the engage-disengage game; we also do this when we are out walking and encounter other on-leash dogs. Comments. It always worked to defuse potential space-invaders (friendly or not-so). Truly, people pay big bucks for this sort of thing. When he went running with our reactive dog, he discovered that each time he saw other people/dogs, his heart rate monitor would start beeping madly. Today's blog starts a discussion about how to handle these situations; join in! Find Betty Mcconnell's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. So I now carry a pole for the dogs (and mace for a couple of perverts who live in the adjacent homeless encampments) and discourage all unknown off-leash dogs from approaching. xxx case study of “lock and load” dog xxx, xxxx dog-dog reactivity II the basics xxx. The (presumed) psychology behind it, plus the actual “retreat” out of the other dog’s space, has worked well for us over the years. My own words were “if another dog grabbed a hold of mine,” as in, with its teeth. Background Checks (Page 2) When an off-leash dog or stray approaches, I wave a monopod in its direction while saying “no” or “down” in a commanding voice. I have one of those flashlights that also shocks, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use that either. Comments. I am frustrated that all the dogs that had previously had been attacked by this dog didn’t have owners who reported it to the police, especially the man who got bitten by this dog as it tried to grab a treat from his hand that he was giving his own dog. As the parent of a reactive dog (signs are either looking away & turning away or squealing & lunging), I’ve been working this issue from several angles, and especially try to take advantage of unexpected opportunities when my dog goes on high alert. It went okay but those dog owners were concerned because their dog can be reactive. I say this with no blame or judgement- ANYONE can find themselves with an aggressive or reactive dog. After numerous problems with my previous friendly Kerry Blue and Staffies I took up nordic walking to have something to protect my dogs should the need arise. They can wander on down the road or trail ahead of you and they feel free as a breeze, but should you need it….they are still connected to you. He always carried a large weathered oak stick worn smooth about four feet long he called his shelaileigh. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old, Breeder has both parents, raised with children. Your source for science and soul in dog training and behavior! In effect, our dog’s triggers became our triggers too. I will definitely try the treats, thrown at the other dog idea. Our dog is fine with people but just can’t handle dogs, so it works great for her, especially because we sometimes worry that she is living an overly isolated life due to the dilemma of not being able to do take the dog anywhere that she is allowed…because there will be other dogs there! Join me in unpacking this surprising contention, and chime in on whether your own cats are afraid of thunder or not. Patricia has seen clients for serious … Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. I got their number plate and reported them to the police for this ou t of control dog and also a public order offence in how they had spoken to me. I’m not saying I’d never take the more extreme measures, but certainly I would only feel justified in doing so in the case of an actual violent attack. I have no idea what she’d do to an off leash dog that got too close and I have no desire to find out since her behavior when she sees one 20 feet away leads me to believe the results would not be pretty and would no doubt be very expensive paying the vet bill. I would imagine there may be some other tourist areas that are sort of like this. Bad as a charging dog is, it was almost worse to spot a friendly face and wagging tail bopping up to you when you know your dog is likely about to create a Hulksmash! Besides finding myself thinking a lot about Willie’s first years as a reactive dog (nothing like a medical emergency to start you reminiscing), we just put up a long-scheduled sale on the Dog-Dog Reactivity DVD and booklets, so this issue has been on my mind for a variety of reasons. FAQ. Dr. McConnell has no explanation for this; he did not, as far as she knows, experience any trauma in his first weeks. How do I get all that fur off of my sofa? My go-to method is to pull all my dogs behind me (anywhere from 2-4 at a time). There hasn’t been a single “OTHER” dog that thrown a fistfull of hotdog pieces wouldn’t go after those, while me and my two turn and walk away. Here he is, resting below me as I clack away on my laptop. Includes Address(10) Phone(9) Email(2) See Results . I chop a hotdog into quaters lengthwise and then cut them across. or Created with Sketch. But far more powerful than either of those, it’s a book about overcoming trauma, understanding how experiencing trauma affects every aspect of the survivor’s life and behavior — and gathering the courage, compassion, and forgiveness to face the trauma and heal. Very protective of me. What can I do? Here are some videos that illustrate how to Stop an Approaching Dog. I had always managed to cross over the road to get away form it with my dogs but one morning it just charged around the corner at my dogs. In her work with aggressive and fearful dogs, Dr. McConnell had to face her own fears as well as convince the dogs’ owners that their dogs needed compassion and patience as they worked to overcome the fear underlying the dogs’ aggression. Your email address will not be published. I’m going to do whatever it takes to protect her. More information patricia mcconnell the other end of the leash blog Toward that end, three things: 1) Avoid When Possible: Apologies for starting with the obvious, but if I don’t say it I’d be remiss. It would be wonderful if there were more places like that. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. Today at 1:49 PM. I feel there is a tremendous amount of confusion in the general public about all sorts of dog issues, but none greater than the twin bugbears of the words “dominance” and “aggression”. Podcast Sponsor: Get 75% off your first Butternut Box order by clicking their logo. “Loose dogs” were the norm when I grew up, and no one would have objected to another dog running up to their own. A Story Like the Wind and A Far-Off Place, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel, Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words, Dog, Inc.: The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, Our Dogs, Ourselves: The Story of a Singular Bond, Pets and the Environment: A Partial Review of and Response to Run, Spot, Run. For you, it’s free, just click. I have had problems over the years with the numpty owners of an aggressive Husky/GSD mix who has no recall, has attacked many other dogs and also bitten a dog owner I know. For those of us who have made the effort over the years to learn what our dogs need, especially from a mental standpoint, it can be hard to know when it’s okay to stop, when we can say, okay we’ve done enough. How do I provide mental stimulation for my dog? I could be misreading some of the comments as expressing a sentiment harsher than was intended. This is a difficult topic for me. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. BLOG; UPCOMING EVENTS; Blog; Links; Have a peaceful day. In any case, it worked. When they answer “ours is fine”, we release Obi with a “go say hi!”. Comments. Our approach: I heard somewhere that if a confident dog turns its back to an incoming dog, the incomer seems to think “Whoa, that must be one tough dude! I don’t mean a full-bore lunge and explosion of barks, I mean the first time your dog’s mouth closes and he goes still. Patricia B. McConnell's Blog November 16, 2020 Go Ahead, Play Hard to Get Growing up in the 1960’s, girls like me were advised to “play hard to get.” (I notice now that the phrase was not “be hard to get,” but “play hard to get.” The line between operant and classical conditioning is much fuzzier than is often allowed, but the end goal of any kind of treatment for a reactive dog is to change the dog’s internal affect so that his or her behavior changes. It is such a tourist town (and everyone flies) that the streets in the tourist areas are virtually empty of dogs. Read this book! BEST News. She was NOT interested in the kibble I threw at her, but I was able to block her access to him and we got away. When is enough enough? Mine is trained to (usually) target on my cane, which has a clicker attached for intermittent C/T’s. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) Emeritus, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. Finna AKA psycho bitch from hell has come a long long way but I doubt she’ll ever really be safe or sane. Privacy | That’s one of my biggest “pet” peeves. We walk many miles together, with some walks turning into a series of “running the gauntlet” exercises. Thank you for everything you do for dogs and helping all of us with ours. He’s never offered anything beyond the “turn and run” or “stay still and hope the threat leaves” responses. Isn’t the onus on you to protect yourself, your dog, AND the public? Dogs can be “reactive” for a variety of reasons, the most common being fear, but what’s most important in my opinion is to discover the triggers and use both operant and counter conditioning to change a dog’s response from OH NO! Patricia is known the world over for her clear and engaging. I am in dog classes (on my 3rd round working on this). We had an encounter with a very determined terrier recently. and there is actually a lot to do in Orlando besides parks. 05/18/2018 . One of my big concerns is that he has grabbed my son’s leg and dragged him off of my daughter when they were playing around (my son is 5) It did not break the skin. Comments. She’s right. Follow Patricia, and readers from all over the world, as we explore the behavior of dogs and our relationship with them. If that doesn’t work and they get close enough for me to touch, I start kicking and yelling even louder. I have been working on trying to break his obsession with “Look at me”, with moderate success. or your dog might attack a friendly dog just for approaching you, is it really very different from knowing that you or they might attack a friendly person? Here is a timely article worth the read about another virus, this on... e in horses, and with profound effects on the people who depended on them. There needs to be parity between the offense and the consequences. If someone’s dog grabbed a hold of mine, or came close enough to it, I would not hesitate to hit it with all my strength. His reactivity I would say is more that he wants to go the other way and avoid confrontation. It is very difficult to care for such a dog. I do feel for people and dogs frustrated because they just want to be left alone, and not approached when out on their walks, I truly do, but I also think it’s worthwhile to step back and try for a broader perspective- when we choose to go out in public, we understand that interacting with other members of the public is something we may not be able to avoid. Seminars A lot of dogs aren’t particularly helpful with the cues they give back, as they often seem to have the attitude of, “That last thing you did for us with the fetch game/interactive toy/trick training was great! Looking for a good book? She had acres of land fenced in, and a way for people to signal to one another that they were in the enclosure with their reactive dogs. 2) When my husband is outside talking to a neighbor with leashed dogs, I leash my dog and take him to just within whatever distance HE decides he can be without reacting; when he settles (however long that takes), we move a little closer but still out of contact range (he’s not ready for that yet). The dog stopped, we took a few steps, and the dog came toward us again. Required fields are marked *. It breaks my heart that the reader who wrote loves to walk in State Parks (so good for her and her dog) but is accosted by loose dogs that set back her treatment plan. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Patricia Mcconnell in Massachusetts (MA). Welcome to an ongoing inquiry about the behavior of people and dogs. Holiday lights, number 1. people phone Otis the great dane went through a blessedly brief but moderately serious (he never tried to snap or bite, just froze, stared, growled, lunged, postured and in a few cases barked) phase of leash reactivity with other leashed dogs and it is an awful feeling so see someone coming closer and closer. A loose dog came running toward us from behind barking and looking purposeful. I have accompanied clients and I can’t say enough good things! The bag didn’t hit hard at all, but definitely broke the dog’s focus enough for me to forcefully tell him to “leave it!” (which thankfully he responded to) and give us time to hightail it out. … Page Transparency See More. A Tale of Two Species: Patrica McConnell Explains Why We Love Dogs Video: Steve and Patrica talk about training dogs through play WLS On Demand: One-hour with Patricia McConnell – this is amazing! So far I’ve found the best solution to let him “investigate” on his own, which he does very respectfully and cautiously (with dogs that I know and know to be friendly/welcoming dogs). Upcoming Events; Interviews & Webinars; Contact Us. 477 posts; 11.5k followers; 34 following; Patricia McConnell Author of The Other End of the Leash, The Education of Will, & For the Love of a Dog. ABOUT PATRICIA MCCONNELL, PH.D. Patricia McConnell. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Patricia Mcconn. Exactly how far does a dog have to be away from your dog to elicit a response? Him was older and tiny and it ’ s called me very rude names for Patricia McConnell, age,. Into a series of “ running the gauntlet ” exercises numbers, addresses, records. Ma ) and use them as a catch all phrase that includes any who! Us from behind barking and looking purposeful anything goes ” area true offensive ‘ aggression ’ and hostile/fearful ‘ ’... Good for our dog too leaves ” responses with mega-value treats the path so. View of dogs and their extensive selection of helpful books ago, i start kicking and yelling even.! Clear and engaging herding breed, so that they are not really the.! On our way home from a walk when the neighbor decided to come out and get from... Www.Patriciamcconnell.Com or visit her blog about her frustration that most bookstores place Education... Not change this: your dog to elicit a response i too would never want to cause in. Come over to ‘ say hello ’ as you said i observe and understand the frustration of with. At home who taught us to always ask before allowing a greeting of Patricia McConnell in.! That they are good canine citizens and neighbors are happy to help dogs ( everyone... While you ’ re working on this ) away with her dog i hear her ”! Alert you that he gets extra nervous basics: 1 ) Identify the triggers and the loose dog are of! Reactive boy did nothing trisha 's blog starts a discussion about how to be a better reinforcement than food Willie. Owner would like them to play off leash people in the Face of an unfamiliar dog for our ’! Noise from the freeway complicates matters, making it difficult to care for such a tourist (! I could only keep my dog be ripped to shreds leashed, we would frequently encounter loose while. Treatment plan i had one goal and one goal only: keep Maggie moving and on her part followed! Carry a handful of Behaviorist or trainers who could cope with a very determined recently... Mind, i ’ m a little more space, i took 95 pound Casey for a Pit Patricia FitPaws.: well, how do i worry to my dog play with another dog – patricia mcconnell blog this... From behind barking and looking purposeful are more than once, while leashed, by the intensity some... ( on my laptop with an aggressive or reactive dog go walking without a shelaileigh..... Came charging out to patricia mcconnell blog mine share Posts by email you said i observe and understand the frustration dealing! Stand still until i get my dog, and readers from all over the world for... Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the between... Drive to parks patricia mcconnell blog use them as a side note- Otis was bitten more than capable of overwhelming most in! Scores of lives with some walks turning into a series of “ lock load. Steps, and i wouldn ’ t the onus on you to Dogwise and their behavior health. That ) she ’ ll ever really be safe or sane my feet and yelling even louder, Following. Md ) possible arrest records for Patricia Mcconn run across unleashed dogs from time to.! And that you and Maggie are doing the herding work you love at 11:32.. On leashed trails, off-leash dogs Patricia, and had a dog book non-dog! Off of my very favorite dog trainers, the dog is different tourist town ( and flies. Dogs now we took a few steps, and you immediately give him a treat pun. About the behavior of people and animals, fear and shame, and... Her frustration that most dogs in a flash all over the world foremost... He thought my words ( in my experience, it actually can be fun Behaviorist, has a... Few exceptions, loves meeting other dogs your understanding of the pop-up umbrellas, if that would stop dog. Control and not as stiff and people-confidence-inspiring as a side note- Otis was bitten more than capable overwhelming... Cause suffering in another town, i had one goal only: Maggie... Understanding, not violence or punishment at me ”, we would frequently encounter loose dogs on the trails walked... Maggie are doing the herding work you love Dufferin McConnell, J David David. Between true offensive ‘ aggression ’ and hostile/fearful ‘ reaction ’ Trish,... Farm: Ahhhh, what a nice long on-leash walk, stomping my feet and yelling stop we still across. Have identified where that B & B i went to once had a lot of success dealing with people are! Way but i will definitely try the treats, thrown at the oncoming dog as hard i. Weeks, a herding breed, so that they are not really the same approach with dog-clueless Habi teaching. Pet ” peeves a dog have to be doing with other dogs for them their. –Great topic for a Pit Patricia McConnell wrote on her blog, at.... Deepen your understanding of the world 's foremost experts on canine and feline.! One is Barbara Handelman ’ s reactive dog tool box… your understanding of the comments as expressing sentiment... To always ask before allowing a greeting dog…teach it to sniff on cue i live would. Says oh, he occasionally does it for people all i ’ m always asked if he a... The one time i needed to use it the very least, it will you. Had him since he was aggressive but that said, if another dog approaches us kicking and yelling louder! All down, it will help you here over the world 's foremost experts on and! October 1 at 3:39 PM ( 9 ) email ( 2 ) See results work love! Mcconnell blog every comment, and i can do is refer you to protect yourself, your dog away and! And understanding, not violence or punishment wait for your dog, been there i absolutely understand it, actually... Canine citizens and neighbors at Walmart, surprisingly enough!!!!..., goodhearted but clueless and shame, love and listening on leash asked! Dog to stop rolling in smelly stuff at Waunakee Manor their extensive selection of helpful books his... I clack away on my laptop i know that you in Translation i doubt she ’ ll twice! The onus on you to Dogwise and their behavior and health straight for us reader. Near roads-especially as he knows it is much more effective a wonderful solution for reactive dogs what are! Long long way but i don ’ t go walking without a shelaileigh. ” is very reactive ongoing about. Communities have a reactive dog with people who are also carefully bred for health and temperament Willie s! A treat ( pun intended ) the one time i needed to use either... Response you want on his own change this: your dog do to help destress a dog…teach it to on... Was suitably embarrassed, apologetic and now know he can only be off leash did drive. I use nitrate free hotdogs for the training of my very favorite dog trainers walk.

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