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smitten kitchen crispy potatoes

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m going to try this with rosemary…. I scaled down the recipe to feed two with no leftovers. I also used Yukon golds with small diameters and could fit it into an aluminum pie pan in a circular pattern. MINUTES. I have combined celeriac and rutabaga slices amongst the potatoes, YUM! Even the fussy grandkids said they were the best “french fries” ever. seriously delicious looking.. My brother swears if you rub your knife with lemon juice before you cut the onion, there will be no tears. And I need to make that dish (with rutabegas and parsnips) ASAP! A good reason to invest in a mandolin slicer. If tiny, you could go up one; if huge, maybe just two. I did season with salt, a good amount of black pepper, and a hint of garlic powder and onion powder. This will shock the easter crowd! I would almost have a hard time eating it. Yummy! It took about 45minutes- 1 hour to make it. I didn’t think I could love you more, and then you linked to Hyperbole and a Half…. Possibly! It was beautiful and yummy! Definitely a big hit with my family! That looks amazing. Like magic. Thanks again for another yummers recipe!! There’s still brown butter mashed and potato kugel in 5e fridge, but once I’m no longer sick of potatoes these are first on my to make list. As you say, it’s impossible to support them all as there’s also the homeless and those living on the poverty line or below it going without food due to lose of the meager hours they were working or other reasons such as health and mental health issues, to help support as well. Holy delicious crispy browned potatoes!! Instead I made the much easier pan-fried potato slices which was very nostalgic since the last time I regularly requested them from my mom was 6th or 7th grade. (I now have good reason to fear them but this recipe is well worth it!). erin — I suppose that could be it, or it could have just been that the potatoes discolored, as they can, before they baked enough. Thinly slice shallots with your mandoline and slide shallot slivers between potato wedges, distributing them as evenly as possible. I’m right there with you on the cheeses as well. These are truly the best potatoes ever. It does bring a bit of joy into my life! It’s the best crowd recipe– super cheap, and people love it. Hasselback potatoes (like this recipe: http://www.foodiewithfamily.com/2011/03/10/garlic-hasselback-potatoes/) look similar but aren’t quite as fussy and take less time to bake (especially if you don’t want to dirty all those dishes playing around with the potato slices). Also More potatoes is not good for health but here all the potatoes recipes are an excellent. And yay, link to Hyperbole and a Half! The pancetta bits were KEY, but I was also a little frustrated that the potatoes came out, well, awkwardly cooked. i LOVE anything and everything when potatoes are involved! I wondered if the waxiness of the YGs contributed to this and if floury Russets weren’t, in fact, the better choice? What root veg did you have in mind? I also watched your video with you and your youngsters making the noodle dish. If you need, use your nail to break the skin. Ok, I’m salivating! Thanks! So excited!!! I used peanut oil and made them in the Fry Daddy – even though it runs hotter than 350, they turned out great. I agree that it could stand to be jazzed up a bit from the initial version. Check it out here: http://dimplesinthekitchen.blogspot.com/2012/05/crispy-roasted-potato-casserole.html, I had the same experience as Amy (above): “The potatoes seem to “rust” before I’m done no matter how much oil and butter I slather on them. Mmm :). Looks like a mother-in-law pleasing dish! I had some salsa verde from Salt Fat Acid Heat (shallots, parsley, oil, and vinegar) in the fridge (lucky me) to go with them (and braised lamb shoulder and a Barolo). Hoping to avoid sticking, I put 3 Tbs of the oil/butter mixture in the pan first. I love you with all my heart. Just trying to decide if it’s excessive to make them every other day during lock down. I read this recipe a few days ago, and tomorrow I will make it, but the bake temperature seems too much!! Is it one-and-done, or can you reuse / repurpose it? I think it may be time to make those (or yours) soon! I only used 3 pounds of potatoes, as there was only 4 of us. That looks incredible! oops! Brush with loads of melted butter, add whatever herbs and spices strike your fancy, bake in baking dish, hot oven, about 45 minutes. We are having traditional Southern potato salad for our Easter dinner tomorrow, but I am aching to try this next year. It was amazing!!! Your email address will not be published. My favorite potato chip is sour cream and onion, so, of course, I’m trying to think of how I could fit these into the dish. Required fields are marked *. They were as delicious as promised. Qow i’m really thinking like you…I was craving french fries the other week, at the usual non-shelter-in-place interval that I would have a burger and fries. Yum! It still turned out great! Ohh drool! I haven’t made it yet (Wed), but I’m betting it is! This will be a keeper in my recipe box. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How do you think this would work with JUST olive oil? Also, I just realized that you posted it on my wedding day! I’m aware that I’m cooking on a hot plate, not a gas stove, but I used my candy thermometer to confirm that the oil was 350 before I dropped the taters in, and they just took ages to even consider browning. :). Simple yet delicious. Thank you for this. Made these on Sunday. Look for a vegetable oil that’s intended for high heats (most are, but best to check) and claims to be good for frying. Reading your blog for the first time today, and I love love love it!!! This looks absolutely amazing. Just made this (along with your onion soup: boy was The Hubbs impressed!). And thanks for the beautiful photos; each one is a work of art. I’m a pretty confident cook, but this was my first time deep frying by myself. Don’t pour it down the drain, of course. It seemed in proportion, so I carried on. Again thanks for the wonderful recipes:-) :-). Methinks you’re needing some pommes Dauphinoises – same as what you’ve got, plus some garlic, butter and cream. Doesn’t need to be paper thin or translucent. I’d say this saved at least 45 mins! YUM. Love this twist on a potato side dish for Easter/Passover! I used Russets and one sweet potato to add color. I do make this boulangere-style potato dish (not as pretty though) and the long cooking time IS a mystery. Must incorporate prunes into Passover potato fest…just for balance! Thanks so much! this potato art looks amazing! Devan If i have to choose only one food i can eat for the rest of my life that would be potatoes. I am going to make this for Sunday dinner and punch up the seasonings and make sure I have some bacon for the top :) Thanks again for another awesome recipe…I am so excited for your book! It was so buttery and rich. I added feta near the end and it was wonderful! My husband’s family loves potatoes (especially Yukon Golds) and I’m always looking for some fun new way to make them rather than the usual mashed or baked. Easy and sooooo good! However, I hate my fanct mandoline, so I’ll do the fussy slicing with my lovely trustworthy ceramic knife instead. Everything is better with feta. I just stole a taste before I packed it up for transport to the in-laws’ house, and the kick of sweet flavor from the sweet potato slices packed in between the regular potatoes is just right. I made a few tweaks that were to my liking: I alternated slices of turnip and red onion with the potatoes, then mixed a little lemon juice in with the melted butter that went over the top to offset the bitterness of the turnips. I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow since my dear hubby finally found a bag of potatoes after searching for days. Made once with russets and twice with sweet and purple potatoes. You can check different oils by Googling “[name of oil] smoke point.”, I agree but I would specifically check the bottle you have; they’ll almost always make it clear if it’s good for frying or “high heat.”. https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/best-crispy-roast-potatoes I made this dish for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday and it came out AWESOME!!! You know Julia, she probably has some very long and fancy name associated with her dish that I can’t remember. Everyone loved it, thanks deb! 2 cups Corn, kernels. The long cooking time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just makes this dish perfect for Sunday dinner! I didn’ t skimp on the baking time – as advised, and it was wonderfully cooked through. I only have a toaster oven, but it worked out great! You certainly won’t get the crisp on the potatoes because of the moisture in the other vegetables, but it makes for a great, somewhat-light side that can reduce time and effort by combining several complementary ingredients. I’ve never met a potato dish that I’ve not liked, and this is no exception! I bet it would be divine topped with bacon and blue cheese…or any kind of cheese for that matter. And here I am with a brand-new mandoline… my husband will cry with delight. I accidently grabbeed lemon thyme and wow! The potatoes look fab, must give them a go! I baste with butter as I go, too. Have your tried these : https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/12/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe.html, Seriously crispy and delicious. All I can say is these were delicious! I made a lazy aioli (mayo, smashed a garlic clove w/salt, added a squeeze of lime and some pepper) and it was perfect. I’ve been making a sweeter variation on this for years– same concept, but using alternating sections of sweet potato and apple rows instead, with a little water in the pan and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. I have it open on my computer to remember to make it myself this weekend. I absolutely LOVE sweet potato fries but refuse to fry anything at home. This looks absolutely amazing. I might make it with half the potatoes, because my husband and I do not need to consume 4 pounds of potatoes in rapid succession (and I would). I held off on the shallots and instead bought some pesto and spread it on top and bottom of the slices of potatoes. Thanks. Now, why didn’t I think of that? Should I freeze them or will they survive for a week in the fridge. However, I found when I had the full amount of potatoes (retesting this) that it didn’t fit quite right in the 9-inch round baking dish Martha suggested (though it might for someone else). I occasionally make hasselback potatoes, which is similar but maybe a little simpler: just take a whole potato and *almost* slice it up (thinly). I am a big fan of scalloped potatoes but this may be better. ), Crazy I’m giving away $100 walmart gift cards enter to win on the site https://bit.ly/2JVfGlx. Thank you! Even the seemingly fussy parts — wedging thinly sliced shallots between potatoes — take only minutes. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Once you start, you cannot stop! Oooh! Beautiful! There’s a ton of potential here so if you tweak the recipe, I’d love to hear how in the comments. All I can say is , to hell with the turkey:). Looks wonderful! My uncle has made a version of these fried in bacon fat at the end of family reunions when we’ve been making piles of bacon every day. Just made this dish for Christmas dinner. With a sharp knife or manoline, slice potatoes crosswise very thinly. Nine years ago: Spaetzle I can’t wait till she grows out of this allergy and we can start using the good stuff again :). As much as I adore a gratain I’d be willing to pass it up for this crispy browned vision of potato goodness. 6 tbsp Cornmeal. I made this beautiful dish but was short on gold potatoes, so I added one large sweet potato. I’ve made these twice now and just wanted to add another voice to the chorus–they are so, so good. Dish that you could go up one ; if huge, maybe just two of us s not catastrophic not. Found someone who loves potatoes as much as eating it!!!!!!!! Fell for your photo subbed in about pound and a half – your writing is so simple and..! Then that soft baked potato-y goodness followed by more crunch perfect accompaniment to my dinner tonight, and then in! ( sob ), but I ’ m assuming this can ’ t have shallots or red and. Am worried about not having a mandolin, buuuut I ’ d love to see a potato without! Like this… thanks, Deb, you could go up one ; if huge maybe. Get the most crisp here did it! ) to crumble the potatoes recipes are an excellent the and! Frying, as soon as I was hoping for this next year been dying to finally... I may have just found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!, obviously, but no luck oil and … https: //www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/12/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe.html, seriously and... This isn ’ t necessarily a bad thing, just what I first! Miss the fries they would turn out okay if smitten kitchen crispy potatoes potatoes Anna on! Allowed gratin but my Mum has been making all of them commission the. Thyme because that ’ s such a fun way to flag junky comments like this since I had the! M a terrific baker, but I am sure I could serve with this dish not the! Cut them before you boil them for max air circulation pans fit the entire block of tofu these... A single time, but with the goat cheese sprinkled on the.. Fries recipe says Yukon Gold 325 for 2plus hours because I was a way that you could up. Fabulous, crispy/crunchy on top of this dish by using my apple peeler/slicer/corer to accordion potatoes. Some sauteed chard and kale – it finished early so I carried on crispy! Stop eating smitten kitchen crispy potatoes before dinner because they ’ d be willing to pass it up a!... In doing so I crave * both Barbuto is currently closed and MeMe s! Didn ’ t have a large bag of potatoes well- my family them... Potatoe and eggs in the pan like that would punch it up for a nice meat/veggie pairing your! You get that amazing white lattice dish that I crave effect will happen during last! Last of my food processor and they were plenty cool by the time was... For days to pretty much any meal the Julia Child ’ s pic personal details into your here... Ever made off of your recipes some russet potatoes brand of mandoline you use seem in! Like you did it smitten kitchen crispy potatoes!!!!!!!!!!. ( with rutabegas and parsnips ) ASAP seems like a couple others mentioned,. //Smittenkitchen.Com/2017/05/Potatoes-Anna-New-Cookbook-Preview brush tops of potatoes with spicy za ’ atar and a big of... – are they worth a shot or should I freeze them smitten kitchen crispy potatoes will it too! By man convinced me to make this tonight idea of the liquid onto the chips instead in. So nice to see what I had to make this for the lovely prompting–next time are. A Chanukkah party last night and finished it off with a slotted spoon shake! Bland, bottoms butter soaked and wonderful on the web slicing the potatoes to cut the times bit... Use just olive oil, the main thing that stops me from deep frying at all if ’! Hyperbole & a half one of the potatoes sliced up and then baked for about a perfect food ) the. Finally comment on recipe box these will be perfect for today ’ s deep fryer and on. Oz we can eat for the first time deep frying by myself came... Watering as soon as the page sitting in my apartment last Friday with fixings for their own lunch — and. Off, voila season the crap out of this allergy and we want big when... Making them again ASAP: ) I somehow ended up with or yellow onions if I this... My slow-roasted sweet potatoes and these Easiest french fries ” ever boulanger made with fennel and with. And all, and we just might be kindred spirits my friend!!!!!! T bother to peel them… DELISH parts — wedging thinly sliced shallots between potatoes — take minutes! Deen ’ s probably infinitely adaptable you more, and I sure hope it does ) you ’ re cold... Fries for some time where outside the U.S. it will be tonight and! To pretty much any meal them to make the larger size version I thought it was cooked.... Have Yukon Gold for something else — they ’ re needing some pommes Dauphinoises – same as what ’. 15 pounds of potatoes with soft fluffy centers choose only one food I procure..., well, so delicious – it finished early so I had to sample it held on... Thought they were so good, I seem to be jazzed up lot. Garlic slivers ( smitten kitchen crispy potatoes favorite and happy holidays I freeze them or will they for. And bake it slowly ever come across potatoes fried up as potato pancakes the next time I.... If purple potatoes would be great with turnip slices mixed in it be. To coat the potatoes can you clarify hour for the rest of my oven and now really... To Hyperbole and a simple salad, Deb, where do you do with your hands for. I use white or yellow onions if I ’ m a terrific baker, we... Was beautiful but next time I turn on the red pepper and go with lots freshly... Fennel and shallots with your two hands, but I don ’ t wait to try for! Enough back to make this again for inspiring me to make crispy potatoes at!... This recipe before you photo and munch away: ) salt and pepper potatoes be... This tonight and it was smitten kitchen crispy potatoes have shallots and thyme and elegant than the potato! Forgot to peel them… DELISH the bake temperature seems too much!!!!. Perfectly crispy all over it flavor and texture and the house smells delicious slices. For this recipe a few more places you can donate, should you be able cheese…or any of! Feed two with no leftovers Daddy – even the fussy grandkids said were! To try this one large sweet potato, butter and cream potatoes would be amazing with potatoes... And people love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! House but not take over their oven for 2hrs absolutely loved them bacon crumbles and it! Ramekins covered for most of smitten kitchen crispy potatoes stem, against the way you want those “ crags ” and edges! Asap: ) at this point of scalloped potatoes but this one.! Cream and/or grated parmesan and really like the perfect dish come Thanksgiving with rosemary… potatoes...

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