12. Quarantine Binge List

If you’re looking for things to binge during this quarantine, Kyle’s got you covered with his list of shows to quarantine! Check out his list and let him know if you have other suggestions on Twitter or Instagram!

11. Narcos: Mexico Season 2

This week Kyle’s finished up the latest season of Narcos: Mexico and shares his thoughts on it.

10. The Last OG

Kyle fills you in on a new gem he didn’t realize was as good as it is. Find him at his links and let him know what you think www.meninatub.com/findkyle

9. Journey To The Savage Planet

This week, Kyle dives into a sci-fi game full of puntable birds and all kinds of fun. meninatub.com/findkyle

8. Sonic The Hedgehog

This week Kyle talks about the brand new Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Let him know if you agree or disagree on Twitter or Instagram, which you can find the links to right here: www.meninatub.com/findkyle

7. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Kyle talks about his thoughts on the recent documentary about Aaron Hernandez and talks some about the sports culture that could be better.

6. Lost In Space

On this episode, Kyle tackles some of the second season of Lost in Space. There’s some meandering, he may have got a little lost himself in places, but don’t worry. He still tells you what he thinks of the show.

5. The Mandalorian

Kyle’s talking about the new sheriff in the galaxy. His name’s Mando and he has a baby Yoda. Maybe a few other things sprinkled in, but mostly those two things.

4. The Witcher

On this episode, Kyle talks about the Netflix series The Witcher while completely forgetting to mention that he is currently playing through The Witcher 3 on Twitch on Tuesday nights (twitch.tv/publicdisplaygaming). What a rookie.

3. Rise Of Skywalker – SPOILERS

SPOILERS!!!! Hopefully that got your attention if you haven’t seen the final episode in the Star Wars Saga. I’m gonna share my opinions and thoughts on the first viewing that I had of the movie, so buckle up!

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