Tubcast – Episode 120

Everyone is arguing. No one’s happy. IT’S ALL FAKE NEWS! Enjoy the latest fight between the Men In A Tub.




Bill Gates is funding a ‘smart city’ in Arizona -The Hustle – Fake News, JH.  see:  Slate

Cards Against Humanity buys piece of the U.S. border so Trump can’t build his wall. -Mashable

Lord of the Rings TV series gets multi-season at Amazon -Entertainment Weekly

Some experts say Christmas music can be bad for your mental health -Globalnews.ca

Rian Johnson to Create All-New Star Wars Trilogy -Starwars.com


404 Club


Boiler room bandit

Red card for peeing, soccer goalie

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A fanboy to a fault and slow video gamer, Kyle produces and hosts the Two Thumbs Up podcast and streams on Twitch with Public Display Gaming.

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