Tubcast – Episode 80

The internet thought Eric murdered Nathan, we discuss the Iron Fist trailer, a Harambe Cheeto sales for $100k and if you look like Donald Trump we may have a career opportunity for you.


Nintendo online pass is indeed cheaper! – Polygon

We Should Go To E3 This Year -GameSpot

New York suing Time Warner – Polygon

Babies like heroism -Ars Technica

Domino’s pizza wedding registry – USA Today

UK’s black market now specializes in lettuce -The Telegraph

Now we can’t even trust dog food! – ABC News

Nazi furries -New Statesman

Man sues Uber over his divorce – USA Today

Do You Look Like Donald Trump? -Mirror Relevant


404 Club

Last Week’s poll

Man likes it dirty

Omaha thieves burgle a pack of condoms – KETV (submitted by Buck)

Judge misspeaks and can’t take it back

Fake penis discovered



Is jonbenet ramsey still alive?

Did OJ simpson kill nicole simpson and or ronald Goldman?

-Mutiny Teddie


Here’s a story for the broadcast. http://m.startribune.com/cheeto-that-looks-like-harambe-sells-for-100-000-on-ebay/412998943/

But let’s make sure and point out that the bottom of the article falsely states he was shot “by handlers” and tell the truth that he was assasinated by a marksman who was employed by hillary clinton and the DNC to silence him from leaking her private emails he had on his server.


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