22. The Last Of Us II – SPOILERCAST

*SPOILERS* Kyles had time to think and stew on this one for a bit. It’s time to talk about all those thoughts running through his head about LOU II.

21. Space Force

On this episode Kyle talks about Space Force, the newest series from Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell.

20. The Private Eye

This is the first of three podcasts Kyle is going to do about Brian K. Vaughan’s comics, starting with The Private Eye. Have you read it? Let him know what you thought. meninatub.com/findkyle

19. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Kyle has taken on a new challenge, a game from a genre that he’s avoided for years. These are his thoughts on the first Final Fantasy game he’s ever played. Let him know what you think! meninatub.com/findkyle

18. Star Trek Discover Season 2 *SPOILERS*

Happy 4th of July! Kyle’s back with a boom in this episode about season 2 of Start Trek Discovery! Spoilers are here, so beware straying too far into this nebula if you’re wanting a clean watch through. meninatub.com/findkyle

17. Star Trek Discovery Season 1 SPOILERS

On this episode, Kyle goes through a synopsis of season one of Star Trek Discovery. Check out his thoughts and let him know what you thought. meninatub.com/findkyle

16. Nier Automata

Kyle’s been sitting on this one for a little bit of time and decided to just release it as his thoughts haven’t changed much since he recorded it. Full synopsis talked about so if you’re wanting to avoid some of those spoilers three years after the game released, you may want to avoid this episode. meninatub.com/findkyle

15. DOOM Eternal

This week Kyle is talking about the latest game in the DOOM series. Let him know what you think. meninatub.com/findkyle

14. Star Trek: Picard – SPOILERS

This week Kyle is talking about one of his favorite franchise’s newest shows. He shares his thoughts on Picard’s latest adventure, and can’t help but talk about SPOILERS with this one. You’ve been warned! meninatub.com/findkyle

13. Millennial in Crisis

The world is upside down right now, but Kyle is bringing you a message of hope in the middle of all of it.

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